Elvira is in ‘The Munsters’ but you won’t believe who she’s playing!

Shlocky Horror movie fans have been rejoicing since director Rob Zombie has confirmed longtime rumors that the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira aka Cassandra Peterson would be appearing in his reboot of 60s horror spoof sitcom, The Munsters. Zombie has just posted the first look at Peterson on The Munster‘s set, and it’s safe to say that she’s getting out of her wheelhouse for her new role.

In an Instagram post made Friday, Zombie revealed Peterson will feature in The Munsters as Mockingbird Heights’ “#1 real estate agent”, Barbara Carr. “Yes, the Mistress of the Dark has joined the cast of THE MUNSTERS.” Zombie wrote in the post’s caption.

Peterson will join an already-swelling cast that includes Richard Brake as Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang, Sylvester McCoy as Igor, Catherine Schell as Zoya Krupp, and Jorge Garcia as Floop. The Munsters themselves will be portrayed by Daniel Roebuck as Grandpa Munster, Jeff Daniel Phillips as father Herman Munster, and Sheri Moon Zombie as mother Lily Munster, in the roles originated by Al Lewis, Ed Gwynne, and Yvonne DeCarlo, respectively.

Peterson appears to be cast against type in the Instagram pic, with more than a hint of primness and propriety and, in a far, far cry from her horror host alter ego, a smart coat that buttons all the way up to her neck. It’s not yet known what role her character will play in The Munsters, but if she’s trying to sell Munster-adjacent real estate, it’s probably safe to assume her relationship with the benign-yet-frightening family will be at least a tad antagonistic.

This isn’t the first time Peterson has stepped out of her Elvira persona for a movie role; she doffed her fright wig to appear in close friend Pee-Wee Herman aka Paul Reubens’ Pee Wee’s Big Adventure in1985. Of course, her longtime stint hosting some of the lowest rent horror films ever made should serve her in good stead as she goes up against the Munsters — all of whom, with the exception of the as-yet uncast cousin Marilyn, adopt the personas of various Universal Horror monsters.

Having the Mistress of the Dark on-set will, no doubt, open the doors for some ghoulish-yet-wacky hijinks and in-jokes for director Zombie. That should sit well with the fact that The Munsters will be Zombie’s first-ever PG-rated film, and a step away from his previous filmography of ultra-violent chop ’em ups. And, in the words of Elvira herself, “there’s nothing wrong with G-rated movies, as long as there’s lots of sex and violence.”

The Munsters original 1960s television series is currently streaming on Peacock. The Rob Zombie film will be released on Peacock, and theatrically, later this year.

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