Emilia Clarke Is Afraid To Talk About The Han Solo Film

As a longtime member of the Game of Thrones cast, which just received a massive pay bump, might we add, Emilia Clarke certainly knows what it means to keep a secret. Despite having some of the biggest plot twists and downright shocking moments of any TV show, ever, HBO’s juggernaut very rarely falls victim to spoilers. At least, not in the same capacity that a lot of other properties of a similar size do. And that’s mostly because the cast and crew are so good at keeping things close to the chest.

However, for as strict and secretive as HBO is with the fantasy series, apparently they’re no match for Disney and the Star Wars franchise. While speaking with Independent in a recent interview, Clarke said that she’s more scared to talk about the upcoming Han Solo spinoff than she is Game of Thrones.

“I genuinely can’t tell you anything other than Alden [Ehrenreich, who plays Han Solo] is magnificent, and it’s a delight to do something on that level with really cool actors and nice people. But it’s even scarier talking about that than Game of Thrones.”

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi quickly approaching, it’s not hard to see why the Mouse House is keeping a tight lid on the next Anthology film. Clearly, they want the focus to be on Episode VIII and once that’s out of the way, they’ll no doubt start to open up about Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s spinoff. Still, it’d be nice if we could at least get an official title for the project.

At the moment, all we can really say about the Han Solo film is that it’ll follow the titular character from the age of 18 to 24, giving us a chance to see how he meets Chewbacca and how he won the Falcon from Lando. That aside, everything else you may have heard about the flick is purely speculation and will remains as such until Disney’s good and ready to talk about it. For now, we’re just going to have to place our attention on The Last Jedi, though given how exciting that movie’s shaping up to be, that’s certainly not a bad thing.

Source: Independent