Emilia Clarke On Her Han Solo Character: “All I Can Say Is That She’s Awesome”

Thanks to her six-season run on Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke is an actress who knows her way around a non-disclosure agreement.

HBO’s fantasy flagship is, after all, notorious for its secrecy – something that has only become more and more apparent with each passing season. And so, by the time Clarke signed on to star in Disney’s as-yet-untitled Han Solo spinoff, the Daenerys Targaryen actress was already well versed in keeping her lips sealed.

Granted, the second of Disney’s Star Wars Anthology films has been through the wringer of late, after Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy formally dismissed Phil Lord and Chris Miller due to creative differences. There’s more to that saga than meets the eyes, though, after the erstwhile directors claimed that a lack of “creative freedom” coupled with “extreme scheduling constraints” only exacerbated an already tricky situation. It’s a situation we’ll likely never know the full extent of, only that it was brought to a speedy conclusion through the hiring of Ron Howard, which has already earned George Lucas’ seal of approval.

And though the Internet has been rife with damning reports, earlier today Star Wars News Net posted a rumor claiming that Disney licensees were overly impressed with an early sizzle reel of the Han Solo movie, along with the performances of Donald Glover and Alden Ehrenreich. If true, it would certainly indicate that those reports of Disney bringing an acting coach on board to assist Ehrenreich were wildly overblown.

Circling back to Emilia Clarke’s involvement in the spinoff, though, and while the actress is bound to NDAs, Clarke did hint at her “awesome” character during a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

All I can say is that she’s awesome. Like, legit, that’s all I can actually get away with saying. There’s a stormtrooper with a gun, and he’s going to come walking in any second.

On May 25th, 2018, Ron Howard will shed light on Han Solo‘s galactic origins for the moviegoing masses. Game of Thrones, meanwhile, returns with its seventh, penultimate season on Sunday, July 16th.