Emilia Clarke And Sam Clafin Eyed To Star In Romcom Me Without You


According to Deadline‘s sources, Emilia Clarke and Sam Clafin are currently in negotiations to star opposite each other in MGM’s Me Without You. The movie is set to be directed by TV and stage alum Thea Sharrock, who’ll make her feature film debut.

Based on the best-selling novel by Jojo Moyes, Me Without You is chick-lit personified. Will (presumably Clafin), a self-centred, handsome fop gets into an accident and requires a full-time carer. Cue the lovely and delightful Lou (also, presumably Clarke), the girl from the wrong side of the tracks who needs any job at all to help her family pay the bills.

I couldn’t finish the book. I made it about thirty pages in before I gave up in favour of The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving – same topic, still fiction, a hell of a lot funnier. Still, there’s a market for this type of fluff, especially in light of The Fault In Our Stars, the teen tearjerking sensation. Clearly MGM are hoping to capitalize on the downtrodden to squeeze eye water and cash out of the lonely. But, with Clarke and Clafin on board, there’s a chance they can save it from disaster.

Clarke’s breakout role as Daenerys Targaryen in HBO’s Game Of Thrones proved the gal’s got buckets of talent. Grom the subtle nuances of the Khaleesi’s facial expressions to her ruthless decision making/hissy fit throwing, Clarke’s future lies in her next project choices. She’s recently finished filming the role of Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genisys (aaaah – we still can’t believe it’s called that!), so she’s clearly not fussed about being typecast as a badass.

Similarly, Clafin has been involved in three massive franchises of late; The Hunger Games, Snow White And The Huntsman and Pirates Of The Caribbean. It’ll probably be nice for him to wear jeans and a t-shirt for a change.

Me Without You is scheduled for release in August 2015.

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