Is Emily Blunt In Line To Play Captain Marvel?


On the most recent episode of Meet The Movie Press, Mark Reilly of The Schmoes Know claimed that he’s heard from sources that Emily Blunt has locked down a deal to play Captain Marvel in the character’s upcoming solo film.

Now, it’s important to note that the show’s co-host, El Mayimbe, claims that Blunt’s casting doesn’t seem too probable, given that the studio hasn’t even found a director yet. Of course, without any official confirmation, it’s impossible to know who’s right.


That being said, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard Blunt’s name come up in regards to the role. She’s been a fan-favorite for a while now and has been linked to the part many times. At the very least, we can probably assume that she’s at least in contention to play the part, if there’s not already a deal in the making.

We’ll keep you posted as more on this story develops, but for now, tell us, would you like to see Emily Blunt star in Captain Marvel? And, for more on this rumor, check out Meet The Movie Press below. The talk about Blunt begins at 33:40.