Emily VanCamp Teases Romance In Captain America: Civil War

Sharon Carter

Captain America: Civil War is going to be a very busy movie. As well as obviously tackling the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man, it will continue to tell Bucky’s story and introduce new heroes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, like Black Panther and Spider-Man. With so much going on, will there be any room for romance in there?

In a recent interview, actress Emily VanCamp indicated that we’ll only see the beginnings of any kind of romance in Captain America: Civil War, as Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers grow closer, and she also explains why Agent 13 is Team Cap:

“She’s definitely Team Captain America. That’s who she is within the universe, I mean, she’s always had his back. I sort of wondered, before I read the script, how that was going to pan out. But you really do understand and sort of see both sides of it. I think it was really well done.”

While we didn’t see much of her in the recently released trailer for the movie, the actress went on to confirm that she does get at least one action scene, as Sharon is pitted against the formidable force of Black Widow:

“I got to do a small fight sequence with Scarlett [Johansson] which was fun. We’re all just kind of kicking ass in those movies.”

Going back to that all importance romance, VanCamp went on to elaborate the difficulties with pairing up a character like Captain America with anyone, especially when fans have their own ideas about who he should be involved with.

“That’s where it all gets really tricky, because there are diehard fans that want to see him with different people. There’s all the different camps, so hopefully people are happy with it.”

More comments can be found in the video at the link below, but Sharon’s role in Captain America: Civil War is definitely one of the most intriguing things about the threequel as of right now. While Captain America: The Winter Soldier was pretty much perfect, the character’s minor part in there was a major disappointment, so seeing that expanded on in any way is going to be a real treat for fans.