Emma Stone And Ryan Gosling Reunite For Damien Chazelle’s La La Land



Crazy Stupid Love brought together one of contemporary cinema’s most attractive pairings in the shape of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Their electric chemistry outshone the sometimes-wavering material and left audiences feeling all warm and fuzzy at their cutesy story arc. As the duo are now circling a new project, that would fling them back together, will we see more of their romantic rapport onscreen?

By the sounds of it, that’s a resounding yes. According to Deadline, Stone and Gosling are the latest thespian couple in the crosshairs for Damien Chazelle’s romantic musical La La Land, which is described as “an old fashioned musical set in contemporary Los Angeles and centers on a love story between a jazz pianist and an aspiring actress.” Originally, the Whiplash helmer had his drummer boy Miles Teller set to co-star alongside Emma Watson, but the pair dropped out due to various commitments elsewhere. However, the possibility of snaring Stone and Gosling is no consolation prize whatsoever.

A pet project for Chazelle, who has nurtured the script since before he penned Whiplash, La La Land has all the hallmarks of a contemporary classic. A musical with modern leanings, a fresh A-list pairing, the keen visual eye of one of the industry’s most promising new filmmakers… and it might include some shouting, berating and musical violence if the director’s previous outing is any indication.

Overall, it’s tough to imagine that Stone and Gosling wouldn’t leap at the opportunity to work together again after CSL and Gangster Squad. But, with both of their busy schedules a real factor, we’ll have to wait to see if they can iron this deal out.

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