Here’s How Emma Stone Could Look As Live-Action Spider-Gwen

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

There’s plenty of Spider-Man (or should it be Spider-People?) to go around at the moment – Tom Holland in the MCU, Shameik Moore and about 6 other voice actors in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, plus who knows who’ll appear in the mooted live-action version of that film.

Speaking of Spider-Verses, that storyline introduced a version of Gwen Stacy that also got bitten by a radioactive spider, going by the name of “Spider-Gwen.” Of course, Gwen was played by Emma Stone in the Amazing Spider-Man movies, but she never suited up as a super powered alter-ego. That’s something Instagrammer @pabloruizzx has sought to remedy though and here’s his depiction of what Stone could’ve looked like as “Spider-Gwen”:

Honestly, that is pretty rad. She looks fantastic as Spider-Gwen. Actually, she looks fantastic full stop. OK, I’ll stop ogling. As I mentioned above, with a live-action Spider-Verse film potentially on the cards, anything’s possible with regards to character callbacks. Not saying it’s likely, but with that kind of premise, they could have anything planned. With the possible exception of bringing back Tobey Maguire’s Black Spider-Man dance. That’s staying locked away forever.

By my count, that makes 3 Spider-Man films currently in development. I’m spiderered-out just thinking about it. Speaking of Spider-verse (singular), has the word spider ever been used this much in one article? If you find something that beats it let me know, otherwise get in touch with Guinness World Records. Short of an article consisting of the word “spider” used thousands of times. That doesn’t count.

Got any thoughts on @pabloruizzx’s Spider-Gwen fan art? And do you agree that Emma Stone playing a superhero is a fantastic idea in every conceivable way? You’re welcome to disagree, and then keep those disagreements to yourself. Any comments to the contraire will be vigorously moderated.