Emma Stone In Talks To Lead Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak

The Guillermo del Toro-produced Mama is in theaters this weekend, but it’s one of his future films that may have found its leading lady today, as Emma Stone is reportedly set to join his haunted house thriller Crimson Peak. The deal still isn’t complete, but it seems likely that Stone will sign on.

The very talented actress got her start in comedy (some of her earliest acting experience was doing improv) but recently has played some more dramatic roles and has done them quite well. She hasn’t done horror yet but I’m excited to see how she handles the genre, especially in a film directed by del Toro. In every movie she’s starred in her natural charisma helps her personality and perfect comedic timing shine through, which has been very beneficial for everything from Easy A to The Amazing Spider-Man. But the question is, will that work for a horror film?

Comedy definitely can have its place in horror, but from the little that has been said about Crimson Peak, it doesn’t seem that this will be a movie with too many lighter moments. If that holds true, this should be a real test of Stone’s acting chops and if she succeeds, could lead her into a whole new realm of roles.

Concrete details about the plot are sparse, but del Toro has described it as a bit different from the typical haunted house film in that it’s set at the turn of the century and is more of a Gothic romance in a Bronte style. He also told Deadline that the film is a very set-oriented, yet modern take on the ghost story. He also said he’s looking to play with the genre and subvert the old rules.

Production is set for February 2014, so we likely won’t be seeing this one until 2015, meaning there’s plenty of time to get excited for two hours of Stone running away from ghosts and demons.

What do you think of Crimson Peak as Emma Stone’s first venture into horror? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Variety