Empire Debuts Stunning New Cover For The Predator


The game is afoot.

And we’re not talking about an edge-of-your-seat murder mystery typically associated with Sherlock Holmes, but the full-blown alien mayhem that’s coming our way thanks to The Predator.

Helmed by writer-director Shane Black, who knows a thing or two about the galaxy’s greatest hunter after his turn in John McTiernan’s cult classic (Black played Rick Hawkins opposite the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers), The Predator shifts the sci-fi action to suburbia where a posse of Predators begin scouring the streets in search of some ancient artifact.

What they find, however, is something entirely new, after last month’s gruesome trailer revealed the über-Predator, a being that’s clearly been stitched together in some government laboratory. So it seems the two races have a common enemy, and in honor of The Predator‘s September release, Empire Magazine has dropped a camouflage cover that’s been designed by illustrator Chris Malbon. Feast thy eyes, and remember, you’ll never see him coming…

There’s a good chance that this is actually the ultimate Predator that we referred to before. Then again, this particular beast is not much bigger than the human skulls it’s collected as trophies, so perhaps this is merely a regular-sized alien nasty that’s about to wreak havoc on the streets of Los Angeles.

Either way, The Predator currently has its crosshairs placed on a September 14th launch, and when Shane Black’s reboot does arrive, it’ll seemingly include more callbacks to previous installments thanks to those last-minute reshoots. A cameo from Arnie, perhaps? We live in hope.

Source: Empire