Enchanted Sequel In The Works At Disney


Enchanted was a big win for Disney back in 2007. On a conservative – well, for House of Mouse – budget of $85 million, the fairytale caper went on to haul in $340 million worldwide. Naturally, a sequel entered development shortly afterwards as the studio had outlines for an entire franchise already in place. As is often the case with follow-ups though, the trickiness of nailing down the right story has seen the project languish in development hell since 2010.

However, there’s still hope for the film, as Collider recently scored intel on the sequel’s current status, telling us that it’s now in the works as Disenchanted. Quite a provocative move by the Mouse House, as it certainly suggests that the reality of a happy-ever-after ending isn’t always sunny. The first film repurposed the typical fairy tale archetypes and relocated them to modern day New York City, with an animated Disney princess dropped into a live-action world and left to deal with her new surroundings. Amy Adams played the lead role of Giselle opposite Patrick Dempsey, who won over her heart. This new title definitely implies that things have gone off the rails for the lovelorn pair.

Based on the site’s report, Anne Fletcher (The Proposal) is still on board to direct the picture. There’s no mention of any returning cast members or who’s on scripting duties at this stage though. In the last five years, several scribes have been announced, so it’s unclear which version of the screenplay is in play, but apparently Disney “is now in the process of punching up the script with the hopes that it will be in greenlight-ready shape very soon.”

Until the studio releases official confirmation of the sequel’s existence – and hopefully that great title – we’ll mark this one down as a rumor. But tell us, would you like to see Disenchanted or Enchanted 2 hit theaters? Sound off in the comments below!