Ender’s Game Will See IMAX Release

Ender’s Game, the science fiction action film adapted from the Orson Scott Card novel of the same name, will see an IMAX premiere when it hits theaters November 1, 2013.

This means that Lionsgate, the studio releasing the film, will have two films in IMAX theaters in the same month, the second being The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. According to the report from First Showing (via The Wrap) though, no actual footage for the film was shot in IMAX.

This tempers my enthusiasm for this news a bit, as the best use of an IMAX projector is to run through film that was actually shot in IMAX. Still, between all the possible ways to show a film – 3D, IMAX, 35mm, digital, etc. – my personal favorite is IMAX, so there’s still something about this news to widen one’s smile. The fact that the film is an epic sci-fi war flick that stars Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, and Abigail Breslin (along with newcomer Asa Butterfield) doesn’t hurt either.

The one possible weak spot? Director and writer Gavin Hood, who won great acclaim for Tsotsi, but stumbled with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. All things considered, though, I am still looking forward to this film – just so long as Lionsgate doesn’t make the same adaptation mistakes it did with The Hunger Games, which I didn’t care for at all.

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