Epic New Evil Dead Poster Pays Tribute To Doom


Sam Raimi’s debut full-length horror film, The Evil Dead, is an imaginative, low-budget showpiece that centres around demonic possession within the isolated forests of rural Tennessee.

Five university students make an unplanned stopover at a remote, abandoned cabin and discover an ancient tome dubbed the “Book of the Dead.” Inadvertently, our gang of adventurers (led by the wonderfully over-the-top Bruce Campbell) release a fiendish demon that’s hellbent on possessing the living and spilling as much blood as humanly demonly possible. The deliciously nasty horror cult-classic didn’t so much as push the gore envelope, as it ripped the darned thing up, covered it in crimson corn syrup and blasted it with a 12-gauge boomstick, ensuring that its legacy would live on for decades to come.

Over the years, we’ve received some truly inspired mashups and parodies involving Raimi’s beloved franchise and today brings forth yet another. Seen in the gallery below is an epic poster that pulls together The Evil Dead and the iconic video game Doom, which made its debut back in 1993. For those familiar with the box art that accompanied the shooter, you’ll notice that what we have here is very similar. Except, you know, rather than a space marine fighting off demons, we’ve got the legendary Ash taking care of those pesky Deadites.

Of course, a proper crossover between the two properties is unlikely to ever happen, but that’s what we’ve got fan art like this for. Besides, both The Evil Dead and Doom are still around even to this day. The former recently made the jump over to television thanks to Starz’s Ash vs. Evil Dead, while the latter received a pretty stellar reboot a few years back that’s re-ignited interest in the highly influential series.

So, it would seem that both franchises are doing quite well for themselves then, and in the words of Ash Williams, all is groovy!