Epic New Justice League Promo And Poster Put The Focus On Batman


After releasing a brief teaser earlier this morning that placed the focus on Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, a new Justice League promo has debuted and it shifts the spotlight to Ben Affleck’s Batman.

At only 16 seconds in length, there’s not a whole lot that we get to see, but what’s here is pretty badass, as the preview shows off the Caped Crusader’s new and improved Batmobile, along with a shot of him behind the wheel. Throw in some cheesy rock music and you’ve got a tantalizing tease for this Saturday’s full trailer.

Presumably, each of the League members will be getting their own promos – except maybe Superman – and we imagine that the rest will find their way online over the next day or so. For now, though, the two that we’ve had are pretty exciting and after so much radio silence, it’s nice to see the marketing for the film finally starting to kick into gear.

Speaking of which, along with the promo, Bats also got his very own character poster, which you can gaze upon below. Much like the one we saw for Aquaman earlier, it doesn’t reveal anything significant, but it’s a cool shot of the iconic hero and one which should have fans quite excited for the weekend’s big preview.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will hit theaters on November 17th. Will it be the film to finally turn the DC Extended Universe around and get it back on the right track? Time will tell, but we certainly have hope.