Ernie Hudson Says Ghostbusters 3 Will Give The Fans What They Want


Now, maybe I’m the only person who feels this way, but I’m getting sort of tired of unoriginality. I truly believe that there’ll always be more stories to tell, and as I look over the lineup for this week’s top 10 box office hits – only two of which, Rocketman, and Yesterday, aren’t remakes, reboots, or sequels of some kind – it’s hard not to frown.

I’d like to say that the endorsement of a legend would always make me feel better about a rehashed project, which is simply not true. But in the case of Ghostbusters 3, I’ll make an exception.

In a recent interview with Countdown City Geekcast, Ernie Hudson, the comedy legend behind the series’ Winston Zeddemore, expressed his optimism concerning those in charge of the new film. And specifically, Jason Reitman, the son of the original Ghostbusters‘ director Ivan Reitman and the man at the helm of this one.

“I’m glad that Jason Reitman, Ivan Reitman’s son, is gonna be directing and producing this movie, and writing it. And he was a kid when we were doing the other movies, in fact he’s in the second movie, so I know there’s a love for the movie. He’s an amazing filmmaker and I think he’s gonna take it to a whole other level.

“So as we move into the future, I’m just really excited that he’s gonna give the fans what they’ve been looking for,” Hudson said.

Being referred to as Ghostbusters 2020 (an unofficial title), Reitman’s movie’s a sequel to the 1984 smash hit and its 1989 follow up, which saw Hudson team up with Bill Murray’s Peter Venkman, Dan Aykroyd’s Ray Stantz, and Harold Ramis’ Egon Spengler.

While we don’t know too much about the plot just yet, we know that the story’s going to focus on a new cast of characters – including a 12-year-old girl (Mckenna Grace) and her family, a brother (Finn Wolfhard) and mother (Carrie Coon) – who somehow tie in with the original team.

We also know that there are fans who’re skeptical after the disaster that was Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters. But don’t worry, Hudson addressed this topic, too.

“I think the last movie with the ladies, it was a good movie and enjoyable, but it wasn’t quite what a lot of the fans wanted. I think this will be more in line with the original Ghostbusters, so I’m excited about it.”

As Reitman’s project sounds more and more promising, we want to know what your thoughts are. Are you excited for Ghostbusters 3? Or do you think Hollywood should’ve called someone else? As always, let us know down below.