Escape From New York Reboot May Turn Into A Trilogy With Liam Neeson

Because Hollywood has run dry of ideas for new, original content, and they are digging deep into the vaults for any property that can be rebooted or remade (even if its not needed), John Carpenter’s action-thriller classic Escape From New York is the latest title to be chosen for the process.

Kurt Russell starred in the original film as a bank robbing convict named Snake Plissken who was tasked with rescuing the President from Manhattan, which in this post-apocalyptic world, has become something of a maximum security prison.

The film is a classic and I really can’t see anyone doing justice to it with a remake/reboot but nevertheless, Joel Silver’s Silver Pictures and Studio Canal are teaming up to bring us their vision of the story with plans of turning it into a trilogy. Oh ya, and it could star Liam Neeson, because when you need an action hero over 50, you go to Liam Neeson.

Deadline is reporting that the trilogy will begin with an origin story that sets up the rest of the films. No writer has been attached just yet but a while ago when a reboot was being considered by New Line (which eventually fell through) a couple names were being thrown around for the lead role. Gerard Butler and Tom Hardy were among the men being eyed for the part but now that Silver and Studio Canal are behind the project, Neeson may be the leading man.

The Neeson link comes from the fact that Silver and Studio Canal partnered on Neeson vehicles Unknown and the upcoming Non-Stop. Nothing official has been mentioned about the actor possibly leading but he’s surely, at the very least, being looked at. Then again, if this is going to be a trilogy and the origin story film is going to show a younger Snake, then it would probably be better to go with someone not as old as Neeson, at least for the first film.

Anyways, Escape From New York is being rebooted whether you like it or not and now the question is, who should fill Kurt Russell’s shoes in the role of Snake? Any ideas?

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