Eternals Fans Want This Fake Kingo Movie To Be Real

Eternals‘ Kingo is proving to be a fan-favorite character among the 10 different heroes the newest Marvel film introduces.

In the movie, Kingo and the other Eternals live out their long lives on Earth for 7,000 years, becoming free to explore their own interests after initially defeating the last of the Deviants some half a millennium or so ago from the present day. During that time, Kingo decides to become a Bollywood movie star and then pretends to be that star’s son, then grandson as the 20th century progresses and he remains ageless.

Nanjiani shared on Twitter a photo of a poster of one of the fake Bollywood action movies Kingo may well be starring in next within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, called Shadow Warrior 3.

Fans were quick to point out how they’d go “ALL in” on a Disney Plus exclusive that was simply the movie-within-the-movie.

Beyond just a Disney Plus installment being proposed, even IMAX chimed in asking if “there’ll be an IMAX showing.” You coy brand, you.

Some are even discussing what the plot of the Shadow Warrior franchise might be.

Ohh, now this is a good idea, a Kingo spinoff series where he faces the day-to-day challenges of being a Bollywood movie producer and star.

The film centers around the titular Eternals having to reunite after splitting up hundreds of years ago when the predatory Deviants return to threaten humankind. Now that they’re back together, they must reckon with another impending threat to Earth that will challenge their loyalties to each other as well as the god-like Celestial they serve.

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