The Eternals May Introduce A Major Marvel Villain Into The MCU


The Eternals was officially announced at last weekend’s Comic-Con, with the movie’s main cast brought together for the first time. We now know that Angelina Jolie (Thena), Richard Madden (Ikaris), Kumail Nanjiani (Kingo), Lauren Ridloff (Makkari), Brian Tyree Henry (Phaestos) and more will make up the ensemble team of immortal heroes. However, Marvel didn’t give us any details about the villains of the film: the Eternals’ rivals, the Deviants.

We might not know how the Deviants will be handled for the bulk of the pic, but we have learned which antagonist will be set up for the sequel. We Got This Covered has been told by a source close to the studio that the movie’s post-credits scene may feature Maelstrom. It seems that Marvel has big plans for the character, too, as according to our intel, he’ll be one of several major antagonists rolling around the MCU in its next phase.

Of course, things can always change given how far out we are, but at the moment, this is one idea that Marvel’s playing with as they definitely want him in the franchise – whether he debuts in The Eternals or another film. And given that this isn’t the first time we’ve heard the character’s name mentioned in relation to the MCU, we have good reason to believe he’s on the way.

In the comics, Maelstrom is a unique being as he’s the offspring of an Inhuman father and a Deviant mother. He has a passionate hatred of the Eternals for what they did to his mother’s people so, assuming that the heroes defeat the Deviants in this first movie, it’d make sense for Maelstrom to be out for revenge come its post-credits sequence. That said, our source wasn’t able to 100% confirm Maelstrom will appear in the credits scene. Instead, we were told that it’s very likely he’ll be teased at some point during the film to plant the seeds for a bigger role down the road.

The Eternals is the second Phase 4 movie out the door, though it’ll no doubt seem like an age until it arrives in theaters on November 6th, 2020. With production gearing up to get underway soon, though, we should be hearing a lot more about its plot, and possibly Maelstrom’s involvement in it, before long, so stay tuned.