The Eternals Movie Will Have Connections To Familiar MCU Characters


With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on hold, The Eternals looks set to play a central role in leading us further into the cosmic side of the MCU. And while we still have few official details on the upcoming fantasy flick, a recent report from That Hashtag Show offers much to discuss.

First of all, the outlet has relayed word that writers Matthew and Ryan Firpo are taking more inspiration from Jack Kirby’s 1976 work on the series than Neil Gaiman’s iteration, and that while the feature will delve into a heavily under-explored segment of the MCU timeline, there will still be connections made with several pre-established characters.

Without further details on who these familiar figures could be, the report offers a few suggestions, the biggest candidate apparently being Thanos. Though the Mad Titan may or may not be meeting his end in next year’s Avengers 4, The Eternals is set to take the action back millions of years, and it’s speculated that the movie could somehow incorporate the tyrant’s father A’Lars or mother Sui-San.

Moreover, while the Kree also hold some connections to this property, their enemies the Skrulls have been portrayed in the comics as offshoots of the Eternals’ own foes, the Deviants. With this in mind, there’s a distinct possibility that the feature and the world it occupies will be partially set up with the Captain Marvel film.

But regardless of what connections and callbacks The Eternals can offer, it’s clear that the movie’s going to take the Marvel franchise into some strange new territory when it arrives in theaters – which, by the way, this report alleges to be on November 6th, 2020. But for an MCU outing that’s a little less spacey, the Black Widow pic is also said to come out on May 1st of the same year.

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