The Eternals Star Says His Character Could Defeat Deadpool


Wade Wilson is one of the toughest Marvel heroes around. I mean, it’s not for nothing there’s a comic called Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe. One star of The Eternalshowever, seems pretty confident that his character would manage to beat the Merc with a Mouth in a fight if such a duel ever happened in the MCU.

Kumail Nanjiani will join the franchise as Kingo, one of the titular immortal super-powered beings, in The Eternals. While speaking to Puerto Rican outlet CineXPress to promote his new Netflix movie The Lovebirds, Nanjiani was asked whether Kingo would defeat Deadpool in a fight, and here’s his brief but telling reply:

“Kingo wins but I can’t tell you exactly why yet.”

He might not be anywhere near as well known as DP – at least, not yet – but Kingo does have a pretty impressive power set in the comics, with his abilities including flight, energy projection and even molecular manipulation. It would certainly be a tough battle between the pair, then.

Going by Nanjiani’s comment, we can presumably expect Kingo to pull a major power out of his hat at some point in the film in order to save the day, as the actor’s reluctance to go into details suggests that Kingo’s skills will be important to the plot and can be considered a spoiler.

On the page, Kingo Sunen is of Japanese origin and is a master Samurai. In the modern age, his secret identity is as an action movie star. Kingo’s backstory and career choice has been altered for the MCU, though. He’ll still be presented as an expert swordsman, but he’s now a Bollywood star instead. We’re even expecting a full-on Bollywood dance number at some point.

The Eternals was initially set to drop in theaters this November, but the slot has since been filled by Black Widow and it’s now set to open on February 12th, 2021.