‘Eternals’ star knew ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ spoilers 5 months before release

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Marvel’s Eternals star Lia McHugh was made privy to a big secret from Spider-Man: No Way Home months before the film’s big theatrical debut. McHugh plays Sprite in Eternals, and the impact of Sprite on the universe’s most powerful heroes is undoubtedly one that sticks with fans. 

Hugh plays a powerful character in the Marvel realm, and she also held a powerful Marvel secret for months. While fans speculated about who would be assisting Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the latest film, Hugh knew.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Hugh shared the moment she dared to ask a hard-hitting question and received an exciting response.

“Of course, I did. Yes. And I knew the big secret. I went to the Black Widow premiere, I asked one of the big producers because I’m under NDA and everything. I was like, ‘Are all three of them in it?’ And he just like, ‘(whispers) yeah.’ But I didn’t tell anyone. I did not. I kept my lips sealed. But I was very excited for the movie. I was looking forward to it.”

Speculating the cast list for Spider-Man: No Way Home was fun for fans, but it was also a bit of an emotional experience. Sitting down in theaters to see a Marvel film is always exciting, but we all had that nervous excitement awaiting the heroes and villains as the movie progressed.

Hugh, knowing the big secret for months, probably felt a lot like that. However, she didn’t tell a soul the news, allowing her excited friends and family to experience it when the film debuted.

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