An Eternity Of Star Wars Summers On The Way

Plans are in full force over at Disney to get Star Wars: Episode VII into theatres by summer of 2015, even though director J.J. Abrams claims that he still isn’t even thinking about what he wants to do with the film. A series of spin-off films has been rumoured in addition to the main trilogy, but nothing concrete in terms of other films set in the Star Wars universe has been announced. That changes a bit now, as Disney and Lucasfilm have revealed that Episode VII will indeed hit theatres summer of 2015, and we can expect a Star Wars film every single summer after that until… well, until forever.

It looks like the current plan is one of the main trilogy films taking place every two years, with spin-off films coming in between. There’s also been talks of stand-alone films such as the one Zack Snyder may or may not be working on.

While a film every single year may sound a bit too ambitious, and some may be worried about quality suffering because of it, it’s important to remember what Marvel is doing. Marvel has been putting out two films a year, and for the most part, the movies have been very enjoyable and very well done. There’s no reason that the Star Wars universe can’t produce similar results.

However, there’s also always concerns of more movies tainting the magic that the original films have. Some people feel that the prequel trilogy did this, and others are skeptical about this new trilogy for that reason. Those fears certainly will be increased with plans of a film every single year with no end date in sight.

Regardless of how you feel about it, it’s a smart decision from Disney, at least in terms of box office figures. These films will definitely bring in a good chunk of change, and it isn’t like they’ll have trouble finding people who want to be involved with making a Star Wars movie.

What do you think of these plans for a Star Wars film every single summer? Are you afraid that this will hurt the magic the franchise has, or are you simply excited to see as much from a galaxy far, far away as possible? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.