Ethan Hawke is not kidding around, he really wants a role in ‘Star Wars’

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Ethan Hawke just boarded the Marvel universe in the recent Moon Knight series, but he’s still waiting on the call to join another of Disney’s beloved franchises. The Dead Poet’s Society icon has made no secret of the fact that he’s desperate to appear in a Star Wars production, as Hawke declared during an appearance on Conan back in 2018 that he’s willing to even play a Wookiee just to get the opportunity to travel to the galaxy far, far away.

And, just in case we were in any doubt, Hawke’s stressed that this hasn’t changed over the past four years. While speaking to Screen Rant, the topic of his heinous lack of communication from Lucasfilm came up, with the star admitting that he’s been envious of many juicy roles he’s missed out on in the Star Wars saga. He responded:

“Isn’t it amazing? I made this hard public pitch. I know, and I see all these great people in these things and I think ‘I could’ve played that part, I could’ve played that part’… I guess somebody up there doesn’t like me.”

Hawke went on to add that he’s hoping the studio has him on their radar and the only reason they haven’t reached out just yet is because they’re waiting on just the right part for him to come along.

“[How] I make myself feel better is I think they’ve got something really good in mind… I want something really good. But I am enjoying the new Obi-Wan series.”

It’s nice to know Hawke’s frustrations that he’s not part of the Star Wars world yet doesn’t harm his enjoyment of the franchise, as he notes that he’s having fun watching Obi-Wan Kenobi. Having said that, by his own admission, he’s probably grumbling to himself that he could’ve played one of the show’s side characters. He could’ve made a great Grand Inquisitor, for example.

But like the man says, hopefully something will come his way before long, especially as he’s now part of the Mouse House family thanks to Moon Knight. You can revisit his performance as Arthur Harrow — the real “hero” of the show, according to Hawke — by streaming Moon Knight season one on Disney Plus.

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