Eva Green And Naomi Watts Cast In The Dark Knight Rises?

What else is new, more Dark Knight Rises rumours. There have been so many already that it’s getting hard to keep track of it all. As usual, none of this is confirmed, and won’t be until Mr. Nolan himself says so, but apparently, sources close to the film are leaking out a bit of information, most notable of which is the fact that Eva Green and Naomi Watts have been cast in the movie.

Apparently, they will play the roles of Talia al Ghul and Vicki Vale, respectively. It was reported a while ago that there would be two new female leads, a love interest and a villain, so this would make sense. The source went onto say that principal photography will start on May 6th with post-production will begin on November 28th, which is exactly what Mr. Caine told us a while back. Lastly, the source tells us that there is a new Batmobile and Batcave. Once again, this is all just rumour and is in no way confirmed.

So, what do you think? Would you want to see Green and Watts join the cast? I think Green would be fantastic for a femme fatale type role, not too sure about Watts though, I think she may be a bit out of place in a film like this. Although, she was on the shortlist, so who knows?

Your thoughts?