Evangeline Lilly Has A New Haircut To Go Along With Her Ant-Man Role



I know that the picture of Paul Rudd in a hoodie just really whetted your appetite for Marvel’s Ant-ManI mean, he’s a superhero! He’s Paul Rudd! He wears a hoodie! But wait! If Paul Rudd’s fashion choices did not quite do it for you, we can now show you pictures of Evangeline Lilly’s haircut.

The actress recently posted a few pictures on Instagram that just have us all in a flutter. Lilly will be playing Hope Van Dyne (that’s Hank Pym’s daughter) to Rudd’s Scott Lang, but there have been hopes that she will also turn out to be Ant-Man’s fellow superhero, The Wasp. Now, I thought that wasps ate ants, but then again, I am not very much up to speend on what’s going on with this particular superhero – I have no doubt that the comic book fans in our midst will understand this better. Hopes for Lilly taking on The Wasp part have been ramped up by her new hairstyle, which bears a resemblance to depictions of the character throughout the Marvel comics.

Are we grasping at straws here? Probably. After all the furore over Edgar Wright’s dismissal from Ant-Man died down, there has been precious little more about the film to go on. Now that it has finally started shooting in San Francisco, we can expect to see a number of images from the set. While we can expect to hear a good bit more about Ant-Man once they actually have something to show us, for now we will subsist on speculation and unofficial images on Instagram.

You can check out Lilly’s Instagram snaps below, plus a comparison image of the animated Wasp. Does this excite you more than hoodies? I certainly hope so. Maybe next we’ll get Michael Douglas in sweatpants.

Ant-Man will come to theaters on July 17, 2015.


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