Evangeline Lilly Shares BTS Look At Ant-Man And The Wasp Deleted Scene


Evangeline Lilly took to Twitter this weekend to share a behind the scenes look at a deleted scene from this summer’s Ant-Man and the Wasp. The two black and white snaps – seen below – showcase an unseen sequence which looks to have focused on Lilly and co-star Paul Rudd having some downtime as Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne. The actress captioned the photos: “Deleted scene. #antmanandthewasp #paulrudd #tacotruck.”

One fan responded to the tweet with a plea to see the actual scene in question, to which Lilly replied: “No you don’t. It was BAD.” Even though the actress might be glad this part of the movie was left on the cutting room floor, fans of the titular tiny heroes will no doubt still want to see more of Rudd and Lilly’s great chemistry. Though they obviously shared a lot of screentime in Wasp, there wasn’t much room for them to just grab some food and chill out like in this sequence, so it’d certainly be worth a watch.

Hopefully it’ll appear on the DVD/Blu-Ray release of the sequel. If it does, it’ll be alongside more footage set in the Quantum Realm, as promised by director Peyton Reed, which should give us a better idea of what it was like for Hope’s mother Janet, the original Wasp, to be stuck inside the micro-dimension for all those years. Going by Lilly’s comments, this small moment might not be as fascinating as these other scenes, but Ant-Man completists will still want to see it.

Plus, it’d be nice to remember Scott and Hope in happier times. Ant-Man and the Wasp ended with Hope and her parents turning to dust due to Thanos’ gauntlet snap, with Scott left trapped in the Quantum Realm. In the run-up to Avengers 4, then – when both Rudd and Lilly will return, don’t worry – we need something to keep us going.

Source: Twitter