Even the cast of ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ were confused by the story

the matrix resurrections
Image via Village Roadshow Pictures

After an eighteen-year absence from our screens, The Matrix Resurrections brought the franchise back in ambitious fashion, even if critics and audiences are still disagreeing about whether they love or hate the fourth installment.

In an era where most blockbuster sequels tend to play it as safe as possible, you’ve got to commend director Lana Wachowski for taking such wild swings. Sure, plenty of them miss, but we can safely say that very few multi-billion properties will ever deliver something as wild and crazy as Resurrections.

The narrative is unwieldy, self-indulgent, self-aware, meta and more than happy to break the fourth wall all at once, so it isn’t a shock to discover that even the principal cast members found themselves beginning to get confused at various points. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Priyanka Chopra revealed that after speaking to Wachowski about her character, the actress “had no idea what she said. I have no clue. I was so much more confused when I walked in.”

Echoing that sentiment, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II confirmed that “sometimes I’d go in with a question and then we’d talk for ten minutes and I’d turn around like, ‘Golly, I wish I didn’t go ask because now I’m more confused'”. Now that the key players have admitted their bemusement, we don’t feel so bad about getting tripped up by The Matrix Resurrections.