Zack Snyder Trolls Warner Bros. With Hilarious Thanksgiving Post


The words Justice League and turkey have been used in the same sentence quite a bit over the last year, but now Zack Snyder has properly brought them together to give us a sly little hint at what Warner Bros. did after they booted him off the movie, depriving us of the much-in-demand Snyder Cut.

The vehicle for this message: the Snyder family Thanksgiving turkey, seen on Vero gently simmering in its own juices and being allowed to cook to perfection in the way the finished film very much wasn’t. In fact, at this particular moment, Snyder thinks his bird has “an hour more at least” to go, hinting to fans that the studio sliced an hour out of his narrative, discarding interesting sounding scenes like so many giblets.

While a roast turkey is definitely the oddest way that a Snyder Cut story has been communicated (though the plane trailing a banner over the Warner Bros.’ offices comes in close second), it shows that the film is never far from Snyder’s mind. And honestly, I can understand his frustrations.

The man had spent the last five years setting up what would’ve been an intense multi-movie narrative showing the rise of Darkseid, his invasion of Earth and the fight back by the League. For all that planning to be chucked in the bin must sting. Still, perhaps it’s best that he remains devoted to Justice League for as long as he’s still looking to adapt Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead into a movie.

I mean, the last thing the world needs right now is a film championing selfishness. Not to mention that previous Ayn Rand adaptations have tended to be turkeys themselves. Personally, I’d like to see him make a return to superheroes and make a movie without too much studio interference. In fact, I believe there’s currently a director’s seat free on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (I don’t actually think this should happen, but the internet meltdown would be one for the ages).