Every DC Comics Movie Scheduled For Release In The Next Two Years


When it comes to the medium of film, it hasn’t exactly been plain sailing for DC in recent years, but the ongoing success of Aquaman ensures that the brand is starting off 2019 on a strong note, and Warner Bros. no doubt intends to keep that momentum going with the various features they have coming our way.

As it stands, DC looks to have at least four live-action films headed for cinemas in the next two years, along with at least four animated movies. First on the agenda is Reign of the Supermen, which serves as a continuation of last year’s The Death of Superman. The animated outing is having a limited run in theaters later this month before coming to digital on January 15th. After that, Shazam! is set to serve as the DCEU’s sole entry this year when it arrives in the theaters on April 5th.

Coming some time in spring, meanwhile, is Justice League vs. The Fatal Five, followed by Batman: Hush, the latter of which is expected to arrive in July or August. Next on the live-action front is the standalone Joker movie, with Joaquin Phoenix due to show us his take on the oft-reinterpreted villain when the film comes out on October 4th.

Beyond that, we may have to wait until 2020 for the next DC flick, with the animated Wonder Woman: Bloodlines expected to be the first of the year. After that, one release that you’ve likely heard of even if you can’t remember the name is Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), which brings Margot Robbie’s deranged antihero back to our screens from February 7th of next year. Lastly, June 5th, 2020, will finally see the release of Wonder Woman: 1984, which is still a fair wait away despite production wrapping last month.

All in all, we’re in the midst of a busy period for the DC brand, but before any of those projects come our way, Aquaman is still in theaters and doing pretty well for itself.