Everyone’s A Suspect On New Murder On The Orient Express Posters


Hercule Poirot may be the greatest detective on the face of the planet, but even he is no match for the curious case of the Murder on the Orient Express.

Lifted from the pages of Agatha Christie’s timeless masterclass, 20th Century Fox and writer-director Kenneth Branagh are bringing a new and modern take to the iconic thriller, with Branagh taking point as the aforementioned Poirot. While aboard the titular, serpentine vessel, our astute leads finds himself in the thick of a widespread conspiracy upon discovering that businessman Samuel Edward Ratchett (Johnny Depp) has been murdered in one of the cabins. Cue the speculation.

What follows is a whodunnit of epic proportions, and the enviable cast list for Murder on the Orient Express is almost worth the price of admission alone. But before we get into that, a brand new batch of beautiful character posters have been rolled out, featuring that drool-worthy cast of actors while spelling out their roles.

So, everyone is a suspect, it seems (perhaps even Poirot himself?), and we know that Fox’s reimagining of the Agatha Christie classic has drafted in the likes of Daisy Ridley (The Last Jedi), Michelle Pfeiffer, Penelope Cruz, Josh Gad, Judi Dench, Michael Pena, Leslie Odom, Lucy Boynton and many, many more to star alongside Branagh and Johnny Depp, in a role that will hopefully see the latter actor return to form after several high profile flops.

Murder on the Orient Express is currently hurtling down the tracks toward its theatrical release on November 10th. With the marketing campaign now heating up, we expect one final trailer to drop before next month, and as soon as it does, we’ll have it for you right here.