Everything we learned from Brian Nelson’s AMA

An incredible thing that has happened since social media has provided us all a place to “hang out” as we navigated life through the pandemic has been interacting with some incredible people from the entertainment realm. From actors and actresses to writers, directors, and podcasters — we’ve all been turning to various social platforms to build bonds and strengthen relationships.

Zoom calls brought us closer with friends and loved ones, while threads on Twitter and Reddit allowed us to be inquisitive and learn more about our favorite films and tv in the entertainment realm. One of the latest creators who opened up a thread on social media was Brian Nelson on Reddit.

Nelson started the AMA with a bit of blurb about previous and existing projects as well as a new podcast he’d started.

“Over the years I’ve written for everything from the Disney Channel to German police drama to stage plays, but I’m most known for features like HARD CANDY and 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, and series like 11.22.63 and ALTERED CARBON. During the pandemic, Chris Conner (Poe from ALTERED CARBON) approached me about creating a scripted thriller podcast, and the result is my newest project, AGENT STOKER, available wherever you get your podcasts!”

Here’s what fans wanted to know about Nelson and his projects.

This fan asked about anything in 30 Days that may have gone over the heads of most audiences.

Nelson responded with something cool the film did with a specific character and a feature of the vampires they made possible with CGI.

Another fan who loved 30 Days, this one wanted to know some of Nelson’s literary influences.

Nelson says he’s been inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, Ray Bradbury, Anne McCaffrey, and John Cheever.

This fan asked about some of the biggest challenges with Agent Stoker.

His response was a fascinating look at what fans can expect from the podcast.

Another fan asked how Nelson was able to influence cast decisions as a writer.

Nelson says he was part of the casting in some way, and in other ways, he wasn’t.

You can learn more about Nelson through the AMA at the Reddit link above, as well as view the proof that Nelson is who he says he is and see what other fans were asking.