More Evidence That The Avengers Will Battle The Skrull

Even with all the detailed set coverage concerning The Avengers, no physical snapshots have confirmed whether or not Loki’s “mentioned army” will be the shape-shifting villainous Skrulls. There have been guys on set wearing CGI suits, but in big budget movies that are reliant on special effects this basically means nothing.

But now, thanks to image renders from a recently canceled Avengers videogame tie-in, screenshots have surfaced of the green skinned baddies in combat with Thor. This is all still speculation but it’s the best source of proof that the rumors online about the Skrulls invading Earth next year are true (in the movie version of course).

This is maybe an early concept design on how they will appear in the film, displaying a large heavy grunt who resembles the Hulk in size and a nimble looking female Skrull. Not far off from their comic interpretation, the aliens have more modern costumes but still retain their prominent rocky chins and extremely pointy ears. Video footage of the canceled game has been removed, which is understandable, but it will eventually pop up sometime in the future.

No doubt these screens will ignite all sorts of debate on whether the images of a canned game is enough to justify spoilers for a movie adaptation. This is even more of an issue when you factor in that video games based on films don’t have the best track record for following the proper plot line, not to mention the villains that are included.

But nonetheless, this is an early sign and a prevalent indication that the Skrulls will be the reinforcements that Loki refers to from the footage shown at D23 earlier this month. Those looking forward to seeing a Super Skrull cause damage onscreen next summer have almost officially gotten their wish granted to them. Expect an update on this story in the immediate coming weeks.