Evidence Mounts That Ace Ventura 3 Is Definitely In The Works


Next year’s Sonic the Hedgehog will mark Jim Carrey’s first role in a major comedy movie in a while and fans are hoping that the actor is now due for a comeback. By the looks of things, that’s definitely going to happen and said comeback could even see Carrey revisit a couple of characters that helped make him a star.

For instance, word has it that Ace Ventura 3 is in development at Warner Bros., with the actor returning to the part of the Pet Detective. We Got This Covered brought you that news as an exclusive scoop last week and now, a separate source appears to have confirmed our intel.

Insider Daniel Richtman, who’s well known for providing accurate scoops on a number of major projects/franchises in Hollywood, tweeted something today that suggests he’s received his own info on AV3. Richtman mentioned the threequel’s name along with a thinking emoji. The attached GIF of Carrey’s famed “Alrighty then” from the first film, meanwhile, seemingly assures us that it’s happening.

Ace Ventura

Last week, WGTC reported that the current idea for the plot involves Ace called out of retirement in order to save a rare lion. We noted at the time that this storyline is presumably inspired by the real-life case of Cecil the lion, who was hunted by an American dentist in 2015, an incident that caused an international uproar. It’s worth mentioning that AV3 is only its earliest stages right now, though, so the premise could still change.

In any case, this would be the first time Carrey has played the role since 1995’s Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, a sequel to the 1994 original. There was that abysmal 2009 straight-to-DVD spinoff called Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr., but the world has rightly forgotten it exists.

Now though, with both our sources and Richtman’s own informants reporting on Ace Ventura 3 being in development, we imagine it’s just a matter of time before Warner Bros. breaks the silence and makes it official. And once they do, we’ll be sure to let you know.