Evidence Mounts That Avengers 4 Will Introduce Hulk’s New Battle Suit


Though the Internet is currently abuzz with Ant-Man and the Wasp (our review), online forums and the MCU’s finest scholars are still trying to dissect that Avengers 4 artwork that escaped onto the interwebs earlier this morning.

It appeared to be cut from the same cloth as the one paraded in front of CineEurope attendees earlier this month, though as you’ll notice from the gallery below, there’s a greater emphasis on Captain Marvel – fitting, really, given Brie Larson’s heroine has been championed as the new face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe beyond 2019.

And while we’ve pored over Carol’s super-suit, and waxed lyrical about War Machine’s hefty redesign (the Bleeding Edge armor, perhaps?), it’s now time to draw our attention to Bruce Banner himself. Save for a brief fist fight with Thanos, the Incredible Hulk was totally absent from Avengers: Infinity War, leaving many to wonder whether Bruce will be able to bring out the ‘big guy’ in time for round two.

He certainly will, if this leaked promo art is any indication, and he’ll even be sporting a full-body battle suit just for good measure.

Indeed, this aligns with previous reports that Marvel’s Jade Giant is on the verge of becoming Professor Hulk. It’s yet to be confirmed, of course, but assuming Joe and Anthony Russo plan to adapt said comic book arc, we imagine they’ll play fast and loose with the finer details, similar to how they cherry-picked the main ingredients from the “Infinity Gauntlet” comic by Jim Starlin.

One way or another, Hulk will return in 2019, and we’re hoping he’ll make his mark on Avengers 4 when the time comes.

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