Evil Dead Director To Produce New Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of ol’ Leatherface, Legendary Entertainment surprises us all.

That’s right, Bloody Disgusting is reporting that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series is about to bring us another sequel and this time, it’ll be headed up by Evil Dead director Fede Álvarez, who’s set to produce the project. Unfortunately, he won’t be getting behind the camera himself, but the hunt for someone to helm the pic is now underway and with Álvarez’s involvement, we’re sure they’ll be able to secure a pretty exciting talent.

From what we understand, the plan here is to follow in the footsteps of other recent horror sequels and make this one a direct continuation of the 1974 original, with Legendary taking a cue from Blumhouse’s Halloween. How exactly they’ll continue the story remains unclear, but this is definitely the right move for the franchise to be making at this point.

After all, given the muted response to the last film in the series, which was 2017’s Leatherface, for those who may’ve forgotten (not that we would blame you), wiping all entries in the franchise aside from the original from continuity seems like the smart thing to do and with any luck, Legendary will find similar success to what Blumhouse saw with their aforementioned reboot of Halloween.

While some might be skeptical of yet another Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, nabbing Álvarez as a producer is definitely a good sign and though it’s far too soon to say how things will ultimately turn out, if they can get an equally talented writer and director, then they might just be able to give Leatherface the satisfying new coat of paint that he so desperately needs at this point.