The Evil Dead 4K Restoration Screening Dates And Locations Revealed

The Evil Dead

Soon enough, you’ll be able to swallow some souls in delicious, crisp, and clean 4K resolution when Sam Raimi’s original Evil Dead comes roaring back into certain theaters. Grindhouse Releasing has taken it upon themselves to update the 1981 horror classic in amazing high-def and also bring us a full and complete audio remix in gorgeous 5.1 surround sound.

Now, we finally know where we can see this for ourselves, and when. The list below has all the details, and it’s certainly more expansive than some other, more recent special screenings I’ve wanted to catch (I’m in Wisconsin aka Flyover Country), so it’s pretty exciting for me personally.

Check it out:

9/24 – Rio Theatre, Vancouver , B.C. – Canadian premiere
10/4 – Texas Theatre, Dallas, TX
10/4 – Alamo Drafthouse, Houston, TX
10/4 – Landmark Theatres Ritz- Bourse, Philadelphia , PA
10/5 – Beyond Fest – Egyptian Theatre, Los Angeles, CA – DCP3
10/5 – Belcourt Theatre, Nashville, TN
10/6 – Tropicana Theatre, Las Vegas, NV
10/10 – New! Encore screening @ Texas Theatre, Dallas, TX
10/11 – Music Box Theatre, Chicago, IL
10/11 – 10/17 – Plaza Theatre, Atlanta, GA
10/11 – Alamo La Vista, Omaha, NE
10/12 – Wealthy Theatre, Grand Rapids, MI
10/15 – Alamo Drafthouse, Corpus Christi, TX
10/15 – Alamo Drafthouse, Laredo, TX
10/15 – Avalon Theatre, Milwaukee, WI
10/15 – Alamo Drafthouse, Raleigh , NC
10/16 – FilmScene, Iowa City, IA
10/17 – Alamo Drafthouse, Richardson TX
10/18 – Palace Theatre, Syracuse, NY (*35mm original version)
10/18 – FilmBar, Phoenix, AZ
10/18 – Gables Cinema, Coral Gables, FL
10/19 – Knoxville Horror Film Festival, Knoxville, TN
10/19 – Roxy 14, Santa Rosa, CA (with THE BEYOND)
10/20 – Hollywood Theater, Portland, OR
10/21 & 22 – Frida Cinema, Santa Ana, CA
10/23 – Fox Gold Coast, Ocean City, MD
10/23 – Alamo Drafthouse, Littleton, CO
10/25 – Kentucky Theatre, Lexington, KY
10/25 – Cinematique, Daytona Beach, FL
10/25 – Broadway Theatre, Saskatoon, SK
10/26 – Globe Theater, Calgary, AB (Calgary Underground Film Festival)
10/26 & 31 – AFI Silver, Silver Spring, MD
10/26 – FEARnyc, New York, NY
10/27 – Metro Cinema, Edmonton, AB
10/29 – 11/3 – Historic Howell Theater, Howell MI
10/29 & 30 – Mayfair Theatre, Ottawa, ON
10/30 – Byrd Theatre, Richmond, VA
10/31 –Railroad Square Cinema, Waterville, ME
10/31 – Cinema Arts Center, Huntington, NY
10/31 – Loft Cinema, Tucson, AZ
11/2 & 11/3 – Landmark Ken Theatre, San Diego
11/8 & 11/9 – Coolidge Corner Theatre, Boston
11/10 – Alamo Drafthouse, Woodbridge, VA
11/10 – Alamo Drafthouse, Ashburn, VA
12/20 – 12/24 – Gateway Film Center, Columbus, OH

Sure, Milwaukee is still almost two hours away from me, but hey, at least I don’t have to go to Chicago! Plus, this is being billed as the “first wave” of locations and dates, so who knows? If by some sad chance there isn’t a screening near you at the moment, maybe 2020 will yield glorious, gory sights to you yet. Never give up hope, unless you’re axeless and faced with Canderian demons. Good luck with that.

In all seriousness, I’m pretty excited for this. I’m seeing Bruce Campbell host a screening of Evil Dead II this weekend, and I just re-watched Army of Darkness with the new RedLetterMedia commentary track on. That reminded me of how much I love the series. It also reminded me that AoS is very far removed from the NC-17 nature of the original Evil Dead (which people used to call THE Evil Dead; what happened to the the?). It’s been a minute since I have revisited Raimi’s seminal film though so hopefully I can last the night.