EW Delivers Our First Look At Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver

Entertainment Weekly has delivered a welcome holiday gift today in the form of our very first look at Edgar Wright’s upcoming film Baby Driver. Starring an impressive cast which boasts Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Jon Bernthal, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx and more, we have many reasons to be excited for the director’s upcoming action crime flick.

“I always wanted to do an action movie that was powered by music,” Wright tells EW. “It’s something that’s very much a part of my previous films and I thought of this idea of how to take that a stage further by having a character who listens to music the entire time. So, you have this young getaway driver who has to soundtrack his entire existence, particularly the bank robberies and fast getaways that come afterwards.”

Set to star Elgort as the titular driver, Wright’s latest sees Baby meet the girl of his dreams (Lily James) and attempt to leave his criminal life of getaway driving behind. However, Kevin Spacey’s crime boss gets the best of him and forces him into a dangerous heist, which of course goes very wrong. There’s also an added twist to the proceedings, as Elgort’s character suffers from tinnitus and “the movie’s action is choreographed to the music he plays to drown out the ringing in his ears.”

Describing Baby Driver to the outlet, Wright told them that it’s tense and threatening, but also funny at times:

“It’s an action crime film. It’s funny in places but it’s not a comedy,” he says. “It gets genuinely tense and threatening. That was actually a fun thing for me — to do dramatic or thriller scenes which just up the ante.”

Baby Driver zooms into theatres on August 11th, 2017.