Atlanteans Ride Sharks In Majestic New Aquaman Concept Art


Though they had to arrive at some point, very few of us were expecting the pleasant surprises that came this week via a multitude of new images taken from the upcoming blockbuster Aquaman. I mean, San Diego Comic-Con is right around the corner (July, to be more specific), but you can never be too sure of when studios will give up the goods.

Already, the curtain has been pulled back on the likes of major players such as Nicole Kidman’s Queen AtlannaYahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Black Manta and Patrick Wilson’s King Orm AKA Ocean Master. And if that weren’t enough, Entertainment Weekly has come through yet again with a couple pieces of concept art teasing the pure majesty of this underwater epic.

In the accompanying gallery, we’re given an intimate look at the Council of Kings, an ancient meeting place that now stands in ruin. Oddly enough, what’s on display here appears to be far from diplomatic, as Orm’s army is doing battle with another that serves King Nereus (Dolph Lundgren).

Now, if you’re wondering why there are two kings in the mix, that’s because, according to the publication,”when Atlantis sank into the ocean, it split into Seven Kingdoms. Each statue you see in the distance represents one of the original kings.” Additionally, it should be noted that Atlanteans are mounted on great white sharks, with Orm sitting atop a “tylosaur,” which resembles a giant alligator. Nereus’ troops from Xebel, meanwhile, favor sea dragons.

And in case you were wondering who that is choosing a hammerhead shark as their noble steed, that’s none other than Vulko, played by the one and only Willem Dafoe. Being someone who’s familiar with the Throne of Atlantis graphic novel, believe me when I say you’re going to want to pay attention to him.

Aquaman opens in theaters on December 21st.