EW Reveals Special Halloween Cover And New Photos


Laurie Strode and Michael Myers may be the cinematic equivalent of chalk and cheese, but you really can’t have one without the other.

Case in point: Entertainment Weekly’s spooky bumper issue that’s elected Halloween as its latest cover star, which also includes one or two candid shots of Laurie Strode herself, Jamie Lee Curtis, hanging out with her old nemesis.

It’s a poignant showcase of the legendary slasher franchise, as we even see a particularly striking shot of Curtis consoling Laurie Strode with a kiss on the forehead. Said to be stacked with interviews and exclusive set photos, EW’s latest issue is a must-own for anyone planning a trip to Haddonfield next month, where Michael Myers looks to resume his killing spree after 40 years spent behind bars.

And based on EW’s reveal, there are still many more exclusive to come:

Over the past eight months, EW has stalked Curtis and the rest of the Halloween crew — though hopefully in a much less threatening manner than Michael Myers tracks Laurie Strode. The result is a story which includes interviews with Curtis, Green, McBride, Carpenter, and Nick Castle, who once again makes an appearance as Myers in the new film, 40 years after playing the slasher icon in the original movie.

This candid photo shoot is perhaps the perfect primer for next month’s Halloween sequel, as it simultaneously generates hype all the while keeping spoilers at bay – word is Blumhouse is keen on launching another sequel (and a TV show, perhaps?), too, but it’d be foolish to read into that at such an early stage.

Indeed, the shot of Myers and Strode attempting to knit is a personal favorite, and I guess all that’s left to say is all hail Jamie Lee Curtis, the undisputed queen of Halloween.

Source: EW