Ewan McGregor Will Replace Bradley Cooper In Jane Got A Gun



At this stage, I’ll be surprised if Jane Got A Gun ever makes it into theatres. The film has hit so many road bumps that it’s become a bit of a joke at this point. Last week, the most recent development was that Bradley Cooper had exited so he could film American Hustle for David O. Russell. Cooper was set to play the villain, a role previously given to Jude Law, who decided to leave when director Lynne Ramsay departed. Now we’re hearing that Ewan McGregor is being brought in to replace The Hangover Part III star and hopefully, this time it will stick.

McGregor will play the leader of an outlaw gang who “tracks down the husband of Natalie Portman‘s character, Jane. For defense, she grabs the help of a former flame played by Joel Edgerton and chaos ensues.”

Now that we have a Star Wars reunion going on between Obi Wan-Kenobi and Queen Amidala, there’s another thing that we can look forward to when the film hits, which will likely be Summer 2014. That is, if it ever gets off the ground, which I’m skeptical of at this stage.

It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Jane Got A Gun loses another cast member this week. Seriously, the revolving door or actors coming in and out of the film is ridiculous and it’s quite upsetting too. The plot sounds interesting and the cast is rock solid, so I’d definitely like to see this film get made. Hopefully, now that McGregor is locked in, things will get going.

What do you think of the Jane Got A Gun saga? Will this film ever get made? Are you happy to see Ewan McGregor join?