Who Exactly Is Scott Eastwood Playing In Suicide Squad?

The identity of Scott Eastwood’s character in Suicide Squad has been the subject of much debate lately. Over the weekend, a report surfaced that said the actor would be portraying a character named Lt. “GQ,” who’s not in the comic books and was created just for the film.

Now, however, ComicBook.com seems to have unearthed a bit more information on Eastwood’s role, and it appears as if he may be playing someone a bit more significant. Speaking to producer Richard Suckle, here’s what they were able to get out of him:

“He’s a very important part of the film and works directly alongside Colonel Flag in the mission.  That’s kind of really the best way to describe it. David [Ayer] and Scott worked [together] before. Scott was in Fury.   He was sort of a last minute piece of casting by a bunch of different actors for these roles. His character was sort of existing, then it wasn’t going to exist in the movie, and David wanted to bring him back. It kind of went through a back and forth and Scott just kind of naturally found a place and he had had a pre-existing working relationship [with Ayer]. “

While much of the speculation regarding Eastwood’s role has led to a popular fan theory that he’ll be playing Dick Grayson, Suckle put paid to that, saying the following:

“No one has guessed right.  I’ve seen some of the guesses [online] and no one has guessed right.”

So, we still don’t really have any idea who the actor is playing in Suicide Squad. From what Suckle’s saying here, it does sound like he may be an established DC character, or someone who may show up briefly and go on to have a larger role in future DCEU movies, but at this point, we just don’t know.

My bet is that he’ll be playing more than just a throwaway character, especially with all the speculation that’s been surrounding the role. Maybe not Dick Grayson, but probably someone who has at least some significance to the DCEU.

Regardless, we don’t have to long to go now until we find out, as Suicide Squad bursts into theatres on April 5th, 2016.