Exclusive 4-Minute It Preview Will Screen Before Annabelle: Creation


What better primer for a movie about a possessed, blood-thirsty doll than a 4-minute preview for a movie about a demented killer clown?

With Annabelle: Creation right around the corner, Warner Bros. and New Line have reportedly nailed down plans to screen an extensive preview of It before David Sandberg and his team whisk horror fans back to the origins of Annabelle.

First spotted by Trailer Track and embedded below, the listing confirms the finer details of that four-minute snippet, which evokes memories of Warner attaching Dunkirk‘s prologue to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story back in December. Little is known about the actual content included in this particular reel of footage, but if previous promos are anything to go by, it’ll be another exercise in nerve-shredding tension as The Losers Club come face-to-face with unspeakable evil.

For in Andy Muschietti’s live-action adaptation of the King classic, that evil takes the form of Pennywise, a demented demon able to change its appearance at a moment’s notice. Not only that, but it has a natural ability to conceal itself from prying adults, which will no doubt drum up the tension when It claws its way into theaters early next month.

Here’s confirmation of that preview:

Beyond the advent of Pennywise, the town of Derry, Maine is also populated by a handful of local bullies – namely Henry Bowers (Nicholas Hamilton), Patrick Hockstetter (Owen Teague), Victor Criss (Logan Thompson), and Belch Huggins (Jake Sim).

It Part 1 – The Losers Club haunts theaters on September 8th, and if the buzz swirling around New Line’s horror hit is one of positivity and hushed excitement, then the opposite is true of The Dark Tower. Barring a few defenses here and there, critics have torn Nikolaj Arcel’s adaptation to pieces, with our own Matt Donato writing that the film is a “shot-to-the-heart of cinematic intrigue, as Stephen King’s beloved story loses all magic in its big-screen adaptation.”