Check Out These Five Exclusive New Images From The Prince

Prince 3

In the action genre, there are few stars whose mere presence packs as powerful a punch as Bruce Willis. And while of course none of us here at We Got This Covered could ever claim to have grown tired of seeing the icon kick ass, this summer’s The Prince is definitely more interesting than most action fare the actor has been involved with lately – because it casts him not as the put-upon hero, but as a cold-hearted, dastardly assassin.

Today, We Got This Covered is thrilled to exclusively five new images from the actioner, highlighting Willis along with stars Jason Patric and John Cusack. You can check them out below.

In The Prince, Patric plays a retired assassin who gets drawn back into his old life when his teenage daughter (Gia Mantegna) is kidnapped. After recruiting an old ally (Cusack) and heading into enemy territory, he realizes that confronting his old rival (Willis), who still holds a grudge over a hit carried out decades earlier, is the only way to save her.

The above-average supporting cast includes familiar faces like 5o Cent, Jessica Lowndes and Tara Holt. Though The Prince certainly doesn’t seem like it’s aiming for greatness, it definitely looks like a solid action flick in a year that’s been filled with downright awful ones (Rage, anyone?).

Brian Miller (The Outsider, also with Patric) and scribes Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore evidently enjoyed working together so much that they recently re-teamed on the upcoming Vice, a sci-fi thriller starring Willis about a resort in which artificially created women are used as sex slaves. So, we’re very interested to see how good the story is for The Prince, which should give us an indication of whether Miller, Fabrizio, Passmore and Willis are primed to take off as a successful action filmmaking team.

The Prince opens both in theaters and on VOD on August 22nd.