Exclusive Clip From Dan Fogler’s Don Peyote


To celebrate the upcoming release of Dan Fogler’s new film, Don Peyote, we have an exclusive clip to share with you today. The stoner road trip comedy has been described as a “delusional, hallucinogenic journey into the mind of an apocalypse obsessed lunatic” by our very own Matt Donato in his review. If that sounds like something that might appeal to you, then you might want to check out the scene shown in the clip below.

As you can see, we’re treated to a bizarre musical number that takes place while Fogler’s Warren is on a bit of a peyote trip. It’s every bit as strange and out there as you’d expect from a movie like this and it definitely gives us a good idea of the kind of ride that we’re in for when Don Peyote hits VOD/iTunes this Friday.

This film is obviously not for everyone, but it looks like it has enough originality and inventiveness that it might just make for some solid counter-programming to all of the effects-laden blockbusters that will be coming down the pipeline very shortly.

So, if you’re interested in something a little different, check out the Don Peyote clip below and be sure to catch the film on VOD/iTunes this weekend and in theatres on May 16th.