Exclusive Interview: Anthony Mackie Talks Our Brand Is Crisis

Our Brand is Crisis Sandra and Anthony

To see Eddie at the end of the movie is heartbreaking. The other characters tell him that’s the way the world is, but even they are not altogether comfortable with that fact.

Anthony Mackie: Yeah. When you get to a certain age you’re just jaded. You’re like the world is the way it is and fuck it, there’s nothing I can do. But I feel like for men that age is 30. When you hit 30 you start realizing your mortality. Your back hurts, you gain 5 pounds and your hair is looking thin in the front and you find your first gray hair and it’s like, what the fuck?! I’m not young anymore! And you go out and all of a sudden you have your first hangover and you’re like oh shit, what am I doing? It’s different when you realize your mortality. When you’re 20 the sky’s the limit, but when you turn 30 the limit is the sky. So it’s a different world.

The other great thing about this movie that everybody in the cast works together so well and the back-and-forth between all the characters is great. What was it like rehearsing this movie and putting it together?

Anthony Mackie: It was a lot of fun man. I think that starts at the top and works its way down. Sandra Bullock is like the biggest class act you can ever meet. I’ve never met anyone of her stature or her level of celebrity, and she’s just so regular and a normal person. I’ve never seen someone so over themselves because everybody else they are like, oh look at me I’m famous! Look how cool I am! I’m on TV! And she’s like (claps his hand) I know who I am, you know who I am, so let’s get past it. She loves her kid and she loves what she does, and you don’t find people like that all the time. Sees just a wildly generous woman and that just trickled down to everybody else and we just really enjoyed ourselves.

In regards to Captain America, has Marvel asked you if you would be interested in taking over as Captain America the way your character does in the comics?

Anthony Mackie: They have not. I think, with Marvel, that would just be a phone call where they say alright, next movie you’re Cap. Thanks! They don’t really work like that. They would give you an idea of what they’re planning.

It has been said that Chris Evans will not be around for Phase 4. If that’s the case, we do think should take over for him?

Anthony Mackie: I don’t know. I hope he’s back or they do an origins story and just like get some 16-year-old kid (laughs). I don’t know. I hope he’s back. Chris is a good friend and a great actor. He deserves it.

That concludes our interview, but we’d like to thank Anthony very much for his time. Be sure to check out Our Brand Is Crisis when it hits theatres this Friday!