Exclusive Interview With Gabriel Iglesias On The Fluffy Movie

Gabriel Iglesias in The Fluffy Movie

You might remember him from A Haunted House 2, but those unfamiliar with comedian Gabriel Iglesias would do themselves a big favor if they checked out The Fluffy Movie. It marks his first ever concert film and was shot at a recent show he did in San Jose.

In the film, Iglesias gets deep as he shares with his dedicated fans the struggles he has been going through as of late. He talks about dealing with diabetes and how he had to change his ways or die an early death, his relationship with his stepson, and about coming face to face with his father whom he has not seen in a couple of decades. While it may seem like a drama from that description, I assure you that this movie has a lot of big laughs from start to finish.

It was a lot of fun talking with Iglesias when he arrived in Los Angeles for The Fluffy Movie‘s press day. During our interview, he discussed what he wanted to accomplish with this concert, why he chose to film it in the Bay Area, and the comedians who have had the biggest effect on him.

Check it out below, and enjoy!

How are you doing Gabriel?

Gabriel Iglesias: Man, they got me running anywhere, everywhere, doing anything and everything. Originally the movie was supposed to come out July 11th, so my press was supposed to end Friday, and since it’s been moved to the 25th the press has been quadrupled. If you look at the United States map, it’s just looks like I’m doing these little swirls because I keep going back to the same cities. It’s a combination of my tours and then a combination of press mixed together. I’ve been in New York four times in the last month, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio like three or four times, so it’s like of vroom, vroom, vroom. Somewhere in there I go back home for a minute, pack and then frickin’ take off again. So yeah, it’s definitely the most work I’ve ever done, but it’s for the biggest thing I’ve ever done so it’s like I get it.

I really got a kick out of The Fluffy Movie and found it very funny. What I like the most about it is that, like a lot of the great comedians such as Richard Pryor, you managed to take some of the dark and painful moments in your life and found the humor in them, and it’s quite a universal humor. For you, I’m guessing comedy has a very cathartic power.

Gabriel Iglesias:Yes, it’s amazing.

Was there anything you wanted to accomplish with this movie and this concert that you haven’t in other concerts you have done?

Gabriel Iglesias:I think in the previous specials I kept it very light, very friendly and, no pun intended, I kept it very fluffy. There were some stories that I told. For example, in my last special I did this whole piece that was about going to Saudi Arabia. I just talked about me getting an eye-opening experience and it wasn’t what I expected. I started going into the vein of alright, now I’m getting a little bit more serious and I’m just talking about things that I am observing and seeing, and where do I take it to from there and make it so that it’s film worthy and not just cable worthy?

So I figured alright, let me get as deep and as emotional and as personal as I possibly can with this one, so there was a lot of nights of getting drunk on stage and doing Q&A with the crowds and I’m like, “Okay here we go guys! Help me! Help me help you help me!” (Laughs) There was a lot of stuff too that didn’t make it to the film that they felt might be a little too much, and I get it. We meet on a common ground and you got to make sure you give the people what they want and then a little bit of what you want to give them.

Was there anything in particular that was left out which you wish was in the film, or are you happy with it as it is?

Gabriel Iglesias:I am happy with the way it is. I’m a stubborn person, but if something is explained to me and it makes sense I’m not going to argue with reason. This plus this plus this plus this, that’s why we’re doing this and I get it. Now if there’s something in there that doesn’t make sense as to why something’s happening, then I’ll jump all over it. But no, I’m very happy with it. I love the fact that I was also able to pay a nice homage to my mom and how my parents met and tell that story. I’ve always been asked that question and I figured this is a nice way to answer it.