Exclusive Interview: Dean Devlin Talks Bad Samaritan


It was just interesting to see because in most cases you see a no name or someone with a smaller catalog of work who plays the captured, or the victim.

Dean Devlin: We were so lucky with the cast we obtained. But that’s the beauty of working independently, and this was the chance to create amazing characters and have great performances.

I hope this wasn’t just me, but I noticed technology plays a great part in this film. Was that something implied, or was I looking too deep into the rabbit hole I built for myself? (Laughs)

Dean Devlin: No, it definitely is. Movies like this tend to have the characters isolated, which in this day and age is difficult to do because we are connected all of the time. What Brandon did that was very clever is to make technology a false sense of security to make our characters more isolated.

So, in essence, technology could be the hero of this film.

Dean Devlin: Or the villain. Sure.

Mind blown. (Laughs) What was it about Portland that made you want to make it the location of the film?

Dean Devlin: The original script was in Los Angeles, but Portland is a big city as well as a small town. In Portland, everyone knows everyone else’s business, and you wouldn’t be able to tell a story like this in L.A. If you were in Portland, everyone could know the events that happen in the movie because it is so tightly knit.

Would you say that David Tennant’s character, although evil and a bit of a twisted mastermind is a bit childish?

Dean Devlin: He has never grown up, plus he has no empathy and no sense of guilt. He finds joy in such dark places.

Dean, thank you so much again. I know that you are not a stranger to the blockbuster world, but it’s so great to see you take a new route. I personally think this is a blockbuster in itself.

Dean Devlin: I really do appreciate you saying that. This has been quite a journey, and we are extremely proud of what we have come up with.

That concludes our interview, but be sure to check out Bad Samaritan as it’s now playing in theaters.