Exclusive Interview: Jason Statham Talks Mechanic: Resurrection


Jason Statham returns for more action in Mechanic: Resurrection, playing Arthur Bishop, the assassin who’s an expert at making his hits look like accidents.

After faking his death so he could get out of the murder business, Bishop has been living under the radar, but he’s suddenly dragged back into the violent world after the love of his life (Jessica Alba) is kidnapped by a formidable foe from Bishop’s past. The nemesis forces him to perform three impossible assassinations or he’ll kill the girl. And so, Bishop has to find a way to carry out the hits while also turning the tables on the bad guys and saving his love.

At the LA press day for the film, which was held last week, we caught up with Statham for an exclusive interview, where the actor spoke about which stunts were the toughest to do, why he enjoys the character of Bishop so much and who his action heroes are.

Hear what he had to say in the video above and be sure to catch Mechanic: Resurrection when it lands in theatres this Friday!

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