Exclusive Interview: Paul T. Taylor Talks Hellraiser: Judgment


Hellraiser has always been a major piece of the horror puzzle, and with a legion of fans, it’s still a franchise that’s stronger than ever. The journey began with an adaptation of Clive Barker’s The Hellbound Heart and continued for many years with the legendary Doug Bradley as Pinhead. Since the original encounter with his Cenobite Hell Priest, he’s become a character that will never die.

He still lives on in the dark hearts of fans, comic pages, convention appearances and many other merchandise and action figures in his likeness. Doug Bradley will always be a staple of the genre, but when he decided not to return to the revamped franchise, the latest installment, directed by FX master Gary Tunnicliffe, required fresh blood. After the debacle that was Revelations, a story that Tunnicliffe had written, news of a new Hellraiser a few years ago was met with divisiveness and rage from fans.

The film, entitled Hellraiser: Judgment, was greenlit and a new actor was chosen to play Clive Barker’s creation. The Le Marchand Configuration, or The Box, was handed to Paul T. Taylor, a performer who has the ability to place a humanity in even the darkest of character portrayals. He’s worked in many styles of film and television, including Sin City, Super, Prison Break and W., but his latest role is perhaps his biggest one yet.

Recently, we sat down with the actor to talk about his beginnings, working with iconic directors and the journey that would make him the latest incarnation of Pinhead. His demeanor was nothing but gracious and filled with joy, revealing that he’s extremely proud to become such a prestigious and cherished icon of horror.

So, without further ado, read on for our exclusive interview with Paul T. Taylor…