Exclusive Video Interview: Richard Linklater Talks Everybody Wants Some


This isn’t my first rodeo with Richard Linklater, but it’s certainly my first Texas-based talk with the local hero. As fans of his work know, Linklater never abandoned home for the Hollywood Hills or New York City’s bustling landscape – once a Texas boy, always a Texas boy. He’s since become a staple in Austin’s cultural landscape, so it’s only fitting that he premiered his new film, Everybody Wants Some, on the opening night of this year’s South By Southwest film festival. Talk about a fitting beginning to one hell of program.

Billed as a spiritual successor to Dazed And Confused, Linklater transports viewers back to 1980 for a bro-tastic look into a college baseball program, and the bonds of friendship that are built. But don’t be misled by the film’s suggestive title – Everybody Wants Some is a cloaked message about living life with passion, especially in the best years to do so.

It’s undoubtedly one of my favorite films from the festival, tied with Mike Birbiglia’s Don’t Think Twice, and really struck a few, deeply personal notes that have been resonating in my own head. The mark of a good movie makes you think, but one that makes you feel, too? Sublime.

I had a chance to catch up with the prolific filmmaker during an otherwise rowdy Everybody Wants Some press day (blame his hilarious cast), for a much needed, toned-down interview full of Linklater’s cool demeanor.

We conversed about how and why music plays such a big part in his films, as a groovy and rockin’ soundtrack blasts its way through each scene of his new masterpiece. In addition, we touch on the tremendous cast he built, whose chemistry seamlessly flows together, along with his thoughts on staying in Austin and a final note about the current state of criticism in a time where other filmmakers seem to be on the attack. It’s an honest take from an honest man, which always makes for the best interview.

Additionally, our own Anthony Marcusa caught up with Richard this past week when we has in Toronto promoting the film. So, for even more on Everybody Wants Some, be sure check out his interview in the video below.